How To Negotiate Almost Anything

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Today I want to share a greate note on How To Negotiate Almost Anything from Deb Liu - CEO Ancestry, ex-FB VP.

Photo by geralt, on Pixabay

There are only three rules to be successful at any negotiation:

  • Have options: this means you have multiple competing offers.
  • Have information.
  • Have patience.

Based on the 3 rules above, here is a few quick tips to apply in your negotiation:

  1. Focus on what is important: Know what is important to you: Compensation, Work-life balance, Career growth. Ask for a few key big things instead of a ton of small things.
  2. Prepare yourself: Conduct comprehensive research and do due diligence about the company, using sites like Glassdoorlevels.fyiteamblind. Before you start negotiation, try to speak with all the stakeholders and ask as much questions as you can.
  3. Build the relationship: The most important part in any negotiation is they have to like you. In the end, it is a relationship, if people like you, they are willing to fight for your offers. Make sure you are nice with the person you are negotiating with, show that you are genuinely excited about the opportunity.
  4. And finally, be willing to ask.

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